TAPS – Who the F*ck Are You Man!

Hello and welcome to our brand new show! In this episode Jhatt and special guest host Jazzy Jeff discuss why you don’t mess with the Jesus and if missed your chance don’t worry you get another. You’ll also hear why Neo is not the ONE; the Avengers movie might feature tampons, and why amateur bootleg trailers should be left to the professionals.

Find out why the Foo fighters are going to blow your balls off in our music review of their new album Wasting light. In addition we follow up with some upcoming summer release by some of your favorite bands.

Stick around for new segments: Things that piss me off where we discuss service with a smile might actually get you higher. Followed up by A Special Message To, where JHatt breakdowns why comics can skip the fine art and just be cool. In his long delayed rebuttal to unshavencomicsonline.com dispute that Spidey can’t look like a spider.

If you think the quality is bad please remember do not try and hear the show, that’s impossible, instead only try and realize the truth: that there is no show.