Watching Westworld – 101 – “The Original”

Jim and A.Ron are incredibly impressed with the first episode of HBO’s new sci-fi western, Westworld. It was one of the best pilots we’ve ever seen, packing an amazing amount of mystery and world-building in just one hour, laying a great foundation for the rest of first season. We discuss our relative comfort with the co

Game of Thrones – 101 – Winter is Coming

And now our Watch begins. Jim and I start the process of backfilling our Game of Thrones Podcast catalog by revisiting the series premiere, episode 101, “Winter is Coming”. If you’re new to the series, don’t fear, we don’t spoil anything for future episodes, but we do have a Spoiler section at the end of our podcast for people who want to stick around and talk about the show in the broader context of having seen all six seasons or read all of the available books.

Fear The Watching Dead – 101 – “Pilot”

Jim and I have a lot of thoughts on the 90 minute pilot of Fear the Walking Dead, episode 101, “Pilot”. Is Nick’s portrayal of a drug addled teen realistic, or just annoying? Is the step father Travis well meaning, or an enabler? Is the mom Madison smart and savvy, or frustratingly in denial about what’s going on around her? Will we as the audience have fun watching and waiting for the characters to catch up to our knowledge of basic Zombology, or will it be tedious? And just when will Matt wake up and realize he can do so much better than the patronizing and frankly douchey Alicia? The jury is still out on a lot of these questions, but we along with our fellow fans sift through the episode for as many answers and indicators as we can.

Better Cast Saul – 101 – Uno

Jim and A.Ron had a lot of complex feelings about the first episode of Better Call Saul, “Uno”.  A.Ron enjoyed the super sized portion of Saul, but worried about the sustainability of the rate of easter eggs and classic BrBa character appearances, while Jim was bothered by pacing.  We also talked about the Aztek of…

Breaking Good – 101 – Pilot

This week we discuss the hour long pilot episode, creatively called “Pilot”. We talk sad b-day hand jobs, Hank’s gun handling, Walt Jr’s love affair with breakfast, and divulge some behind the scenes info on the casting and production process. We consider some light feedback, and then get into the spoiler section where we highlight some foreshadowing and call backs that the Villigan is so famous for!