Pickle Me This – S01E01 – Pilot

Jim and A.Ron are starting our officially unofficial binge through the many universes that are Rick and Morty! We find the boring, predictable, best way to start anything is at the beginning, which is where we find ourselves here with our discussion of the “Pilot” episode. There’s a lot to unpack with all the new characters introduced, and their relationships and dynamics, then throw multi-verse theory on top. If this is your first time through Rick and Morty, don’t even trip about spoilers, dog. We got your non-spoiler review and episode discussion up front, fool! And for you grizzled Rick and Morty veterans, we got a special section at the end where we go waaaayyy up the show’s b-hole with news, behind the scenes details, Easter eggs, and discussion of future plots.

In conjunction with our partners at Starburns Audio, we’ll be dropping podcasts Monday through Friday covering all 22 episode from Rick and Morty seasons 1 and 2. Then we have big plans for season 3 leading up to the brand new season 4 coming out this Fall. You don’t even want to know about it. But they’re big, these plans. Stay tuned!

You can watch seasons 1, 2, and 3 on Hulu right now! You can also purchase the Blu-rays for all seasons on Amazon, to get access to great commentaries, deleted scenes, animatics, and more!

Dan and Justin’s interview with EW: https://ew.com/comic-con/2019/07/17/rick-and-morty-season-4-interview/

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