301 – The Law of Vacant Places

FX’s Fargo is back for it’s third season, and it’s visually exciting and is chock full of colorful characters played by gifted actors and we’re all having a lot of fun. But it’s also the exact same Fargo formula we’ve seen in the movie and in two seasons of the show. Is that a problem, and if it is, what will the series offer as a change or curveball this year, especially give that we weren’t all that thrilled with the UFO twist of season two? Aw, jeez. In the meantime, we discuss “The Law of Vacant Places”, brush up on the rules of Bridge, and make sure our air conditioners are properly secured before considering a bit of feedback. See you next week!

210 – Palindrome

Jim and A.Ron close the books on season two of Fargo, as we consider the finale episode, “Palindrome”. We discuss how we feel about Hanzee, Peggy vs. feminism, the Solverson family, and the Kansas City mafia in the final analysis, consider some fan feedback over the last two week’s episodes, and look ahead to 2017 for Fargo season 3.

209 – The Castle

Where you come down on Fargo’s latest episode, “The Castle”, and perhaps the season as a whole, entirely hinges on whether you swallow the final act. We did not, and thus are in the uncomfortable position of not liking and yet still admiring Noah Hawley’s bold experiment in television. Hopefully some of our concerns will evaporate by the time the finale episode is over next week, but if not, we promise we’ll be here with some pod therapy.

208 – Loplop

FARGO WINS THE WEEK! In “Loplop”, Fargo hits all the notes; comedy, drama, suspense, without ever causing any tonal conflicts, and sets the season on it’s final, no doubt bloody, and most likely weird, trajectory. It wasn’t perfect; we felt a little uncomfortable with this episode’s timelines, and geographic orientation, which we discuss in the cast proper and in feedback, but Peggy as hostage taker, Ed as gangland negotiator, and Hanzee as the anti-Malvo were all fascinating and satisfying to watch. A.Ron discusses watching Miller’s Crossing and how it has him resurrecting his old “Hanzee as a double/triple agent” theory, and Jim gets to bask a bit in the glow of his hangman notice in the previous episode memorably paying off. Lots of praise, lots of great listener email, a good time is had by all.

207 – Did You Do This? No, You Did It!

“Did You Do This? No, You Did It!” I think we’ll both take the credit/blame for this latest podcast on Fargo… Lots of stuff to talk about, from Simone’s tragic end, to Mike Milligan’s desperate gamble, to Mama Gerhardt’s turning snitch, Lou triumphant, and say, what the heck has Peggy, Ed, Dodd and Hanzee been up to during this episode? Lots of phone calls and a few dead bodies is all we know, hopefully we’ll catch up with them in the weeks ahead. All this plus some stellar (ha!) feedback from our fellow fans. If this isn’t a good podcast then, well, I’ll cut off my big toe!

206 – Rhinoceros

A.Ron is sick and the show notes are suffering for it. But this otherwise excellent podcast for Fargo’s extremely excellent episode 206, “Rhinoceros” managed to be recorded just before the precise instant he lost his voice. We talk a lot about Lou and Hank, the majesty that is Karl Weathers, Jabberwockies and aliens and just all kinds of stuff. And while A.Ron might be on death’s door, the email bag is quite healthy. Enjoy, take some vitamin C and get your flu shot, and we’ll see you next week!

205 – The Gift of the Magi

Fargo episode 205, “Gift of the Magi”, was a real deal… Both sides of the Gerhardt and KC war take grievous losses, tensions between Bear and Dodd threaten to boil over, Hanzee’s loyalties are tested, Peggy has an apparent change of heart, but alas, it’s too late; Ed has killed another fella, maybe two! We discuss all the happenings and theories going down this episode, with assists from our fellow fans.

204 – Fear and Trembling

Jim and A.Ron are pleasantly surprised at the pacing of Fargo season 2; while there might have been some cheats here and there and along the way, we’ve got the anticipated Kansas City / Fargo war declared just four episodes into the season, with “Fear and Trembling”. We also discuss revelations about Dodd’s character, Ed and Peggy’s relationship in contrast to Lou and Betsy’s, Nick Offerman’s plumbing stressing performance of Carl Weathers, Hanzee’s bizarre encounter with a UFO, more fake Reagan movies, and a smattering of feedback.

202 – Before the Law

Jim and A.Ron are in the middle of an embarrassment of TV riches, as we enjoy episode 202 of FX’s Fargo, “Before the Law” … We discuss the music, the cinematography, and the philosophy of the episode, as we ponder alien entanglements, commercial meat grinder power, and A.Ron apologizes to one Jesse Plemons. All this plus some of your feedback, and we’ll see you same time next week!