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Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Wednesday 08/31/11

First off, it’s my birthday, today.  I’ve made it 35 years on this planet.  Hopefully I can pull off another 40 or 50.  As a birthday present, the Internet got me some decent Breaking Bad news!  That’s thoughtful of the internet, really.  Wednesdays can be dry sometimes. First off we have Hank’s blog, and not…

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Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Tuesday 08/30/11 Edition

A bit of housekeeping first.  If you missed it, we released the podcast for 407, “Problem Dog” last night.  I hope you guys like it! If you haven’t got a chance to read our listener Nick from Ottawa’s research on Gale’ case file, you should take a look.  We talked about how the Madrigal Electromotive site is…


PowerPlay – PowerPlay’s new home

Unfortunately, PowerPlay has departed with Bald Move.  We will be posting updates on our move at our temporary home Peter Street and I are working on moving our content to a new host, and we will rename PowerPlay once we find a new home.  We thank our fans for the patients and all your…

407 - Problem Dog

Breaking Good – 407 – Problem Dog

In the recap, we discuss Raging, tipping pet peeves, love letters to the American muscle car, Christ imagery, Eyebrows of Doom, adult conversations, who gets to wear the bacon gauntlet this week, the importance of a snack spread during high level criminal meetings, loyalty, Aaron Paul’s iron lock on next year’s Emmy awards, and the value of clean living, vitamins, and Googlefu.

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Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Monday 08/29/2011 Edition

In case you missed it last night, you can find my instant review here, and Jim’s over here.  Tonight we’ll start casting at about 7pm EST, so that’s the cutoff if you want to get your take read on-air. Probably the craziest thing I’ve seen since last night is an actual website for Madrigal Electromotive.…

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Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Friday 08/26/11 Edition

Ok, ok.  So the last few days haven’t been the best as far as Breaking Bad News goes.  There just wasn’t enough news to write up a full article so I was reaching.  But that all changes today. There’s an article on with a video interview of Aaron Paul who spills the beans on…

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Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Thursday 08/25/11 Edition

On a sad note, Michael Showers, an actor who played a union worker in the Breaking Bad season 3 episode “One Minute”, was found dead in the Mississippi River yesterday morning.  He also had a recurring role opposite David Morse on the show “Treme”. Did you know AMC holds Twitter contests and gives away prizes…

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Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Wednesday 08/24/11 Edition

I tried to get the news out early for you yesterday. Apparently, AMC saw fit to reward my effort with an act of sadism. Mere minutes after I posted yesterday’s Breaking Bad News, Hank’s blog was updated with a blistering commentary on the pros and cons of team spirit. Makes me think that Hank misses…