Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Monday 08/29/2011 Edition

In case you missed it last night, you can find my instant review here, and Jim’s over here.  Tonight we’ll start casting at about 7pm EST, so that’s the cutoff if you want to get your take read on-air.

Probably the craziest thing I’ve seen since last night is an actual website for Madrigal Electromotive.  We’re going to talk about this tonight, but it begs several questions.  Is it official?  If it is official, is it real?  Check out this image, which is from the Los Pollos Hermanos commercial from the beginning of episode 307, “Kafkaesque”, which I found on reddit this morning.  They’ve been planting these seeds since last year.  Wow!

Oh, and if you were wondering, the video game Jesse was playing at the beginning is ID Software’s new Rage.  Which is  NOT played with a lightzapper. </nerd>

On to the professional recappers;  Sepinwall ponders who is in and who is out, a theme I didn’t get on my first watching but I can definitely see in hindsight.  Melissa Maerz really hits it out of the ballpark in her recap, with an almost religious take on judgment, redemption, and salvation.  Favorite bit of speculation:  “In last week’s episode, “Cornered,” Baby Holly was dressed up in a fuzzy pink outfit like the pink stuffed toy that was found floating in the swimming pool. We hope that’s not a hint that her fate will be just as bleak.”  Yikes!

This one by Jessica Winter of Times is good also.  I liked her picking up on the ying/yang symmetry of Walt and Jesse.  “Once, not so long ago, Walt determined out loud the exact moment that he should have died; Jesse, for his part, wants a Judgment Day for an existence leached of meaning.”

On the official site, we have the Inside “Problem Dog” video this week that talks about Jesse confronting Gale’s death, Walt’s high pressure sales pitch, Gus’s cold war with the cartel, Jesse’s want of absolution or condemnation, and Hank building a case against Gus.  But what’s this?! A double Inside video this week!  In this one they go into the technical details of how they blew up Jr’s ride.  Hank has added some new evidence to Gale’s case file.  There is also a preview for next week’s “Hermanos”, which features Saul making a visit to Andrea.  Last but not least, the officially official Insider podcast is up, so check out what Kelly Dixon, Gilligan, and Cranston have to say.

Email us your thoughts about the show, any links or news we might have missed, or any original takes you want to get out of your system. Tonight, we cast!  We’ll use as much feedback as we can by the time we start casting, which is usually about 7pm EST. We already have a TON of feedback to get to, so if you’re going to bring it, bring it.  I expect the cast to be up late tonight, around 11pm EST.  Check us out on Twitter or Facebook if you want to be appraised the second we get it uploaded.  See you then!