Breaking Good

Breaking Good – iTunes Win!!

We hit the front page of iTunes “New and Noteworthy” for TV & Film!  This is huge for us in terms of getting the word out, and you guys made this happen.  Thanks so much for your support, we honestly are totally blown away by how generous you guys have been with your reviews and…

Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder – Five Inch Boom – Episode 74

GENCON, the “best four days in gaming”, is coming to our humble home town of Indianapolis next week.  We invited Michael “Madbrew” Brewer back on to give some tips for what to look for in this years convention, how to navigate the expo hall, potential new releases, and what you can safely avoid.  If you missed last year’s GenCon preview with Michael, you might want to give it a listen, as he discussed a lot more general GENCON survival tips, and his love for RPGs.

Breaking Good

Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Friday 07/29/11 Edition

Very light news day today.  The calm before Sunday night’s storm.  First up, our fellow Breaking Bad fancasters over at Breaking Bad Edition scored an interview with Bryan Cranston!!  Nice coup, guys!  We’d interview him too, except we’re holding out for a “Badger and Skinny Pete, four man megacast”, so, you know. This isn’t news,…

Breaking Good

Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Thursday 07/28/11 Edition

Tons of cool stuff today!  We’re opening with some lingering confusion over who called Walt and told him to “go home”.  I thought it was Mike, Jim thought it was Gus.  Then the official AMC recap came out, and seemed to put the matter to rest; it was Mike.  But then yesterday, Alan Sepinwall confirmed…

The Amazingly Pulp Show

TAPS – EP. 9 Living Another Day

Welcome back everybody. We have a HUGE Show this week. I cannot tell a lie this is the best cast yet. Right out of the gate you’re going to have a good time. JHatt and Jazzy bring you, for the very first time, facebook fury. We’re taking down one socialite at a time. This is…

Breaking Good

Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Tuesday 07/26/11 Edition

If you’re looking for it, we posted our cast fairly early yesterday evening.  Otherwise, it’s going to be a  busy day for me and an apparently light day of Breaking Bad news, so let’s get right to it. John Crook from Zap2It talks with Aaron Paul about an indy film he just finished up.  “Just…

Reviews – Limbo Review

Platform: PS3 Also available on: Xbox 360, PC Developer: Playdead Publisher: Playdead Release date: July 19, 2011 Limbo debuted during the summer of 2010 as an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive title, and was one of the marquee titles as in the “Summer of Live Arcade” promotion.  Indie developer Playdead has finally been able to publish…

Breaking Good – 402 – Thirty Eight Snub

First up, I challenge some of Jim’s takes from last week, we touch on a cranky dude from Seattle’s complete failure to get the point of Breaking Bad. We recap the show, and considering the relative health of Jesse’s lifestyle, how Walt’s gangster side is being figuratively and literally knocked down a peg, Hank’s mancrush on his PT, Skyler’s new career in hostile takeovers, Victor’s replacement, and Mike’s apparent lack of attention to detail.

Breaking Good

Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Monday 07/25/11 Edition

You didn’t miss our instant takes last night, did you?  If you did, here’s a link to mine, and here’s a link to Jim’s.  On to the other recaps! Alan Sepinwall’s take over at HitFix.  Get used to seeing Sepinwall, because he’s my personal favorite TV critic.  Oh, he also had a video interview with…