Breaking Good – Breaking Bad News – Friday 07/29/11 Edition

Very light news day today.  The calm before Sunday night’s storm.  First up, our fellow Breaking Bad fancasters over at Breaking Bad Edition scored an interview with Bryan Cranston!!  Nice coup, guys!  We’d interview him too, except we’re holding out for a “Badger and Skinny Pete, four man megacast”, so, you know.

This isn’t news, but I just saw it last night and it made my day.  Kyle Hilton made a Walter White dress up paper doll!  Probablility of company resources being misallocated to print this out on the color laser for display on my desk?  Approaching 1.  There’s also a Gus doll, with special accessory pack!  There are a lot more, from other movies and TV shows (Arrested Development is very well represented) if you can’t get enough.  Well done, Kyle!  You made a burly 34 year old man feel like a 7 year old girl today.

That’s all for today folks.  Thanks to everyone who has supported us by reviewing us on iTunes, and liking us on Facebook.  Jim will be holding it down on twitter @breakgood for the rest of the weekend, but I’m out until I post my instant take for 403 “Open House”.  If you have a take for us, email it!  Otherwise, see you after the show.  Have a great weekend!