Following The Leftovers – 304 – G’Day Melbourne

Jim and A.Ron are struggling to get by in this post-Nora/Kevin romance world.  It’s just all almost too much. But are they done for reals?  Is there hope for a reunion, or a happy ending for these two, or should we just look for our nearest LADR box and jump in, no questions asked? But there are always questions, aren’t there?  Would you kill a twin baby to save the world from cancer?  What sort of crazy whitefella adventures are the Kevins going to get up to in the land down under? Will the sun still rise in a post-Mark Linn-Baker world?  I guess we’ll just have to keep watching…

Please enjoy the preview for the latest episode of Quit Yer Pitchin’, tucked away at the very end of the podcast, that can be found exclusively on Club Bald Move!

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