The Expanse - A Very Belter Christmas – An Unofficial Christmas Tale in the Universe of The Expanse

For the past few years, The Expanse has been a big part of our Christmas season. It’s been like the giant present sitting under our tree each and every December, waiting for us to unwrap it, brightening our winters. When we were planning our coverage of this final season, we kept wondering, what would Christmas be like in the universe that Dan and Ty have created? We kept turning the idea over in our minds, and this audio-drama A Very Belter Christmas is the result!

Tis the season to be sharing and giving! If you appreciated this little piece of spacey Christmas cheer, please head to and donate to Child’s Play. All proceeds gathered at will be donated in the name of the Bald Move and #ScreamingFirehawks communities.


Written by:
Jim Jones & A. Ron Hubbard

Directed by:
Patrick Yurick & Bald Move

Executive Producers:
Bald Move, Patrick Yurick & Chris O’Keeffe

Associate Producers:
Luke Piedad & Robert Guerra.

Narration by:
Chris O’Keeffe

Cast (in order of appearance):
Zachary Macpherson voiced by Luke Piedad
Kala voiced by Beth Gallagher
Krayo voiced by Garan Fitzgerald
Denny voiced by Mike Sears
Malaki voiced by Jordan Cobb
Holly voiced by Jordan Stillman
Mileena voiced by Tamara Kissane

A Very Belter Christmas is a joint production of Bald Move and Podcation. Learn more about Podcation at


Christmas Bells by Simone Cilio
Copyright 2012 CC 3.0 By-SHARE ALIKE

Joy To The World – Christmas Carol piano solo

We Wish You a Merry Christmas Piano Version

The Sun is Coming by Oursvince
Copyright 2007 CC 3.0 By-SHARE ALIKE

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