Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Jim and A.Ron have explored the latest Black Mirror mindf$#%, Bandersnatch. Essentially a choose your own adventure book turned into an interactive Netflix app, Bandersnatch periodically pauses to ask you how the narrative should proceed as you attempt to guide a troubled young 1980’s programmer on the cusp of creating an acclaimed video game of the same name. With branching parallel storylines that can have outcomes that can be mundane, psychotic, or extremely meta, we ask if this is the future of television? We stay spoiler-free for a good portion of the beginning of this podcast, so if you’re curious if it’s worth your time feel free to listen up to the spoiler segment!

512 – Be Our Guest

Cecily and A.Ron say goodbye to the “Hotel” era of “American Horror Story” as we cover the finale episode number 512, “Be Our Guest”. Lots of questions get answered, lots more get swept by the wayside, but overall we were surprised and impressed with the amount of emotion and heart Murphy and Company brought to the proceedings.