Watch Party - Christmas Watch Party and live Secret Santa ROUND 1 @ 8pm EST

Want to watch some TV and movies with Jim and A.Ron? A Twitch Watch Party is where we can watch a selection of Amazon Prime Video media along with our audience! It’s a lot like previous LiveWatches we’ve done before, except you don’t have to be Club Member to participate, and you don’t have to do a complicated syncing process with our commentary and the video. It’s all done automatically.


LWJ&A – Episode 273 – Blue Eyes, White Bishop

This week we talk about the new cat terrorizing the Jones household, A.Ron’s teacher shortage, the destruction of Arecibo Observatory from GoldenEye and Contact, A.Ron’s woodworking / Christmas village, Thanksgiving meal plans, the strangeness of The Queen’s Gambit and more! Join the forum to ask questions with fellow club members here or use #baldlunch on…


LWJ&A – Episode 272 – Trash Talk

This week we talk trash about the Jones household potentially getting a cat as well as literal trash and recycling. We also tell the tale of our friend named “Burns” getting blown up and round everything out with an impromptu Bald Move podcast bracket to determine which is our all-time best show.


LWJ&A – Episode 269 – Tesla Surplus

This week Jim talks about his experience transferring his Tesla lease, A.Ron gives an arcade update and takes his son to an army surplus store to gear up for airsoft, and we answer some very good and important questions from the forums and Twitter about pierogies, Ellen Ripley, and useless superpowers.


LWJ&A – Episode 267 – Space Tennis

A.Ron gets a flight stick for Star Wars: Squadrons, remote BYPAX preview, chocolate mike, tennis and sports and stuff, and much more from the audience. Join the forum to ask questions with fellow club members here or use #baldlunch on Twitter! Join the discussion:  Email  |  Forums Follow us: Twitch | YouTube | Twitter  |  Instagram…