Bald Move Prestige - Superbowl 52: Eagles vs Patriots

In a gutsy, unorthodox call, Commissioner Dustin selected Superbowl 52 as the subject for a podcast. Since Jim has a well known antipathy towards all things sports related, and with the Commish’s permission, I tapped my buddy Jesse from the WHY IS MR. FEENY A CAR?! podcast to be my second string podcast host. We watched the game together, and then got together to talk FOOTBALL! Warning to all my friends from Boston and the greater New England area. Please don’t listen to this podcast. We both loath the Patriots franchise and take just so many shots at the team, it’s ownership, coaching staff, and most beloved players. There is nothing for you here. For all other NFL fans come on in, I’m sure you’ll find something to like!

Get Off My Running Back

Week 1: Colts!!!

Welcome to the very first episode of the Get Off My Running Back podcast. This week, Aron Hubbard joins to show to talk Colts football, the Chip Kelly offense, and the dirges of the AFC North. This show is missing something, though – YOU Send us an email at Or give us a call…