Bald Move Pulp - House of Cards, Arrested Development, Downton Abbey, Girls, Archer, Portlandia, Justified

Every time we ask our fellow fans “how can we improve our show?”, the number one answer is always, “cover more shows!”  Well good news! Now we’re covering ALL THE SHOWS!  Join us for our first experimental podcast where, instead of doing a single feature show, we spend a few minutes talking about all the stuff we’re watching.  Honestly, this is a little shaky, and it will probably take a few weeks for us to get our footing and figure out how to pace the show and work in feedback optimally.

The bad news is that our feature show, the “Justified Podcast” is being decommissioned to make room in our schedules for this new mash-up show.  But fear not, talking about Justified is still a priority at Bald Move HQ, and it gets the lion share of the time in the cast.  Note that we are still planning on doing featured shows for “Game of Thrones”, “Mad Men”, “Breaking Bad”, as well as “The Walking Dead”, but we hope to keep this new show going year ’round.