American Horror Story Podcast - 807 – Traitor – Instant Take

Cecily and A.Ron are here to discuss the latest episode of FX’s American Horror Story: Apocalypse, “Traitor”. A fun episode, which attempts to even out the odds between Michael’s malevolence and Cordelia’s rag-tag and mostly resurrected group of Goode witches and warlocks. There’s also a bit of talk about Mallory being the new Supreme, but we figured that out 2 weeks ago. It was nice seeing Nan raising hell with Papa Legba, too. But mostly it’s just fun watching Joan Collins and Cheyenne Jackson vamp and scarf throw their way through this breezy episode of AHS. Don’t forget we come back in two days for Feedback Friday! See you then…

Watching Dead - A Walking Dead Podcast - 807 – Time for After

AMC’s The Walking Dead presents for us a perfect storm of mullet, trash people, rapid onset morgalizing, and terrible action sequences.  Except in the actual perfect storm it was two terrible things coming together to make a larger terrible thing, and in “Time for After” it’s four.  Regardless, George Clooney and Marky Mark ain’t making it out alive.  The question Jim and I are left with is, do we go down with the ship?  Or accept coast guard rescue?  Honestly, I’ve kind of lost the metaphor at this point, but if Gimple can do it, so can I!