Speakeasy – 501 – “Golden Days for Boys and Girls”

Boardwalk Empire is officially back, and we’re here to cover its swan song.  A.Ron is more than a little nervous about all the apparently pointless and redundant flashbacks when coming to grips with a shortened season that starts off with a huge time leap.  What happened to A.R.?!  Where the hell is Eli and Capone?!  CHAULKY’S IN PRISON?!  Jim helps talk A.Ron down off the ledge as we break down all the action from the premiere.

Here is a link to the Lovecraft Brewing Company kickstarter page mentioned at the tail end of the cast.  If it sounds as cool to you as it does to us, show ’em some love!

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Intro: How Many Times? by Bennie Krueger and His Orchestra