Better Cast Saul - 307 – Expenses

“Expenses”, the latest installment of AMC’s Better Call Saul, is a workman-like connective episode that really develops the themes of this season while delivering superior performances. We discuss Mike’s motivations to help the Cobbler / Nacho, Jimmy getting way too in to his mock scam of some dick who’s particular about his martinis, Kim’s difficulty in dealing with her help in tearing down a sick man, before delving into the depths of our Scotch ignorance in the mailbag.

Penny Earful - 307 – “Ebb Tide”

A.Ron and Cecily review their thoughts on the surprise penultimate (more on this later!) episode of Penny Dreadful, “Ebb Tide”. They RISE UP! against whore parties. They RISE! UP! against Billy Joel. Then they present their necks to Bruce Springsteen, before taking a jaunty horse drawn carriage on the way to being chloroformed and made into proper podcasters. All recoil in horror.

Orange is the New Cast - 307 – “Tongue Tied”

Hello, and welcome back from our brief hiatus as we continue our coverage of Orange is the New Black, this time talking about episode 307, “Tongue Tied”, AKA the one about the magical Norma. Joining me this week is Nina from Project Fandom, as we discuss the enigmatic Ruby Rose, Norma’s cultish backstory (and increasingly cultish present), lesbian failures, Rule 34 of the Internet, intergalactic space smut courtesy of Suzanne’s beautiful mind, and lots of other stuff including a smattering of feedback from our fellow inmates. See you Friday!