204 – Penny and Dime

Episode 204 of Netflix’s Daredevil series, “Penny and Dime” is here, and Jim in particular has a lot of problems with his perceived lack of frank talk among concerned friends. We talk about that, the adventures of Karen Page, P.I., Matt and Karen starting to officially ‘ship, Jon Bernthal’s superior graveside performance, and Daredevil’s relationship with the NYPD.

204 – Gloves Off

Jim and A.Ron are loving the latest episode of Better Call Saul, number 204, “Gloves Off”. Lots of great background and historical details to give our Breaking Bad side the warm fuzzies, and lots of present day action and character intrigue to satisfy our inner Sauls. We discuss our increasingly nuanced positions on Chuck and Jimmy as characters, what a raw deal Kim got, the cool background details we got on the enigmatic Mike, plow through tons of feedback, and more Law Talk!

204 – Fear and Trembling

Jim and A.Ron are pleasantly surprised at the pacing of Fargo season 2; while there might have been some cheats here and there and along the way, we’ve got the anticipated Kansas City / Fargo war declared just four episodes into the season, with “Fear and Trembling”. We also discuss revelations about Dodd’s character, Ed and Peggy’s relationship in contrast to Lou and Betsy’s, Nick Offerman’s plumbing stressing performance of Carl Weathers, Hanzee’s bizarre encounter with a UFO, more fake Reagan movies, and a smattering of feedback.

204 – Orange Sticker

Jim and A.Ron enjoy the tiny breather of an episode that is “Orange Sticker”. You can’t expect a show to go full throttle crazy times all season long, so we get to see The Leftovers get their characters setup for the inevitable next stomach punch.  We discuss Nora’s denial, if Kevin really wants to die, if Jill is sleep walking, a ton of biblical references surrounding Babylon, and we top things off with a generous helping of feedback. See you next week!

204 – Down Will Come

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204 – Down

This is a downer of an episode, for sure. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is being an a-hole to everyone else. Some for understandable, legitimate episodes, some for less clear reasons. Jim and A.Ron, leading experts at a-hole-ism, break it down for you as they discuss Walt’s obvious, desperate breakfasts, Skyler’s gamesmanship, Walt Jr’s Flynn’s rebellion, and Jesse bluing himself. All this, your feedback, AND a robust, over-sized spoiler section!

Can I Bring My Own Dance Belt?

Kelly & Tom deliver yet another AP English-heavy recap for Mr. Selfridge S2E4.  They declare Rose to be the Columbus, OH of people, demand more screentime for Lurch, speculate about Beatrice’s claim to immortality, find themselves fascinated by the Horny Chocolatier, identify French slut-shaming as the glue that held the British Empire together, wonder why New Gordon…