Fear The Watching Dead - 102 – So Close, Yet So Far

Jim and A.Ron discuss episode 102 of Fear the Walking Dead, “So Close, Yet So Far”. Jim thinks it’s an improvement from the Pilot episode, while A.Ron sees it as more evidence that the TWD team is doubling down on some of the parent show’s worse tendencies and tropes. We discuss not discussing things, how many times Madison will get Calvin’d, Tobias as a potential post-apocalyptic survival god, tons of your great feedback, and much more.

Better Cast Saul - 102 – Mijo

Welcome to our coverage of Better Call Saul episode 102, “Mijo”! We talk Tuco’s culinary skills, Jimmy’s gift of gab, a possible Nacho connection to the classic Breaking Bad series, some gun related anachronisms, and Wrong Swanson. All this, tons of feedback, and the barest whiff of a spoiler section, and don’t worry, it’s safely tucked away at the very end of the episode if you don’t want to hear it. See you next week!

Better Cast Saul - 101 & 102 – Uno & Mijo – Instant Take

Jim and A.Ron take a look at the first two episodes of Better Call Saul, “Uno” and “Mijo”, and shoot from the hip.  What did we like?  What concerns us?  What would Breaking Bad virgins make of this? The show has enourmous potential, but equally enourmous expectations.  Can’t wait to see what you guys think of it and to see where this show goes over the next two (at least) seasons!

Breaking Good - 102 – Cat’s In The Bag…

Hey, thanks for joining us again! This week we’re re-watching Breaking Bad episode 102, “Cat’s In The Bag…”, which features crust being cut, coins being flipped. babies being ultrasounded, and buckets being presumably shat in. Another great episode, some more great feedback from the fans, and stick with us after the music for some closing spoiler/foreshadowing/callback shout outs.

Fargo - 102 – The Rooster Prince

Have you ever seen a menacing shit? Jim and A.Ron have, and it was terrifying. Aside from threatening bathroom behavior, the guys talk about the horror of being put into an ice hole, dinks and leptons, the efficacy of flashbacks, the Supermarket King and his royal court, and bullying postal workers. All this and plus a light smattering of feedback. Hope to see you back next week!

Smirkin’ And Merkin

Kelly and Tom set out to change the way the internet experiences Mr. Selfridge. Their discussion of the two-hour Masterpiece Classic premiere involves a LOT of made-up names, LinneyWatch 2013, the smile that dropped a thousand panties, the Ginger Gregson, a Torchwood alien, and the niceness of people being nice to one another. All this,…