Bald Move Pulp – Stargate (1994)

Today’s commissioned podcast is on 1994’s Stargate — brought to you by Dr. Brandon Devito, official dentist of Bald Move and international man of mystery.  Directed by Roland Emmerich and starring Kurt Russell and James Spader, it is a star spanning intergalactic tale of ancient Egyptian themed aliens, slip-shod archaeology, and gun toting shepherd boys.  The boys ponder how movies change as we age, Emmerich’s professional toolkit, the massive flaws in both Ra’s and team Stargate’s (SG-1?) plans.  A good time is had by all.

Thanks again Dr. Devito!  Hope you enjoyed your trip down our memory lane with Stargate.  If you’d like to commission your own podcast, please see our store for details on how you can do just that.

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