Better Cast Saul – 407 – Something Stupid

Despite a warp speed, nearly ten month jump ahead in time, AMC’s Better Call Saul proceeds in a deliberate pace, offering just over 40 minutes of content, with just under 9 minutes of montage filling the screen time. One ball that’s left to bounce for the entire period is Nacho, the only major principle character we don’t get caught up on. Gus has healed Hector to the exact level he needs to maximize his revenge plot. Mike is struggling with an over budget superlab with a crew of bored and increasingly sloppy Germans, and Kim and Jimmy’s relationship is on life support. And that’s before Jimmy comes to Kim with a big ask to save our favorite not-so-big-man, Huell. If the pace has been slow, the tension has been fairly high, the next three weeks will hopefully have enough fireworks to carry us to season five!

Better Cast Saul – 406 – Piñata

We discuss the latest episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, “Piñata”. Gus gets really creepy, Kim gently closes the door on the law offices of Wexler and McGill, Mike shows the Germans some American hospitality after making peace with his daughter in law, and Jimmy puts the fear of Saul into some local punks. We discuss all this plus a ton of great feedback!

Better Cast Saul – 405 – Quite a Ride

Jim and A.Ron tackle a very good and very Kim and Jimmy episode of AMC’s Better Call Saul, “Quite a Ride”. A taste of BrBa-era Saul! The origins of the Superlab!  The return of grifting at the ol’ Dog House and the Wash Tub! Lots of nostalgia and lots of great character development and a very fun montage anchor this episode and make it a stand out. Plus, we talk therapy, Kim theories, thoughts on Gus’ background and much more in our feedback section!