Bald Move Prestige – Donnie Darko (2001)

Special thanks to Dr. Brandon Devito for once again commissioning another great movie for us to gab about, this time the amazingly deep 2001 sci-fi/noodle bender, “Donnie Darko”.  Or… is it that deep? Maybe it really is just totally straightforward, but so batcrap crazy you’re just not prepared to deal with it’s frankness?  In this podcast, we sort the Manipulated Dead from the Manipulated Living, as we try to get the Artifact back to the Tangent Universe before it’s too late. We think.

If none of this makes sense, you simply must check out this site, that contains detailed explanations of the movie as well as full text copies of the fictional “Philosophy of Time Travel” contained within the director’s cut. Note: We watched the director’s cut for this review of the movie. If you’re asking me, I’d recommend watching the original version, then the director’s cut, and if you find it fun try to puzzle it out because it’s all there, and then hit the sites referenced above and see how you did.

Thanks again, Doc!  We appreciate your support for all we do.  If you want to be like the Notorious D.B.D., and commission your very own podcast, stop by our shop for full details!

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