Bald Move Pulp – X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

It’s that time again, time for Jim and A.Ron to review the latest comic book movie!  This up is Bryan Singer’s latest; X-Men Apocalypse.  The big problem with this film is that it’s just an okay comic book film, and we just don’t think that’s good enough in a world where there’s six multi-million dollar comic boom films per year, especially in a year with Deadpool and Captain America 3.  Your mileage may vary, depending on how big a comic book fan you are, in particular how big of an X-Men fan you are.  If you want to hear our review and discussion of upcoming films, please enjoy the free podcast, but if you want to hear our detailed spoiler thoughts on the highs and lows of X-Men, you’ll have to be a Club Bald Move member.

Trailers: 00:11:48
Spoilers: 00:25:00

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