Watching Dead – Mid-Season 6 Wrap Up

From the promising start, The Walking Dead tripped and fell it’s way towards a disappointing first half of season six. WTF is the problem? Can they recover? Should we care any more? All these questions and more are pondered by Jim and A.Ron with our fellow fans. Regardless of where we’re at now, we WILL be back for the back half of season six, rain or shine, and hopefully you’ll be there with us.

Orange is the New Cast – Season Three Wrap Up

Pi’ilani and Cecily are back with A.Ron to give season three an epic send off. We discuss our final thoughts on the Piper/Alex/Stella triangle, thoughts on Piper’s Panty Business moving forward, where Sophia goes from here, touch on Healy and Caputo, and try to anticipate some of the plots and resolutions for season four. All this plus some last minute feedback from our fellow fans. Thanks for a great season, everybody, and we’ll see you next year.

Mad Men Happy Hour – Season Seven Wrap Up

Well, now it’s the time for teary good byes and fond farewells.  Except, we’re still going to be releasing podcasts about Mad Men for another, oh, eight months or so.  Tune in and found out our thoughts on the ending of Mad Men, the future of our Mad Men coverage, who’s “okay” and who’s “not okay”, our favorite episodes, songs, and seasons, and how Mad Men stacks up against it’s Golden Age of Television competition.  We’ll be back in a few days or weeks with an interview of Tom Wilson, editor of “Person to Person” among many other classic Mad Men episodes, which you can pass on some questions to using our contact links below.  And starting in June, be on the lookout for our season by season retrospective coverage of Mad Men.  Hope we see you there!

Breaking Good – Season One Wrap Up

Jim and A.Ron sign off the Breaking Bad airwaves until sometime in November 2014, but we have a few things to say before we do. We talk about Breaking Bad’s relationship to Fargo, a listener calls BS on giving Walt a pass on his “authentic” decision making, and we do a deep dive on Hank and Walt’s relationship as we play a little bit of “what if” in the spoiler section.

House of Cards – Season Two Wrap Up

A belated wrap up for Season Two of Netflix’s House of Cards, ready for your perusal.  We discuss a metric ton of feedback, ponder how we want season three to go down, and talk about things we’ve learned from our marathon coverage and how that will inform our coverage of season three. Some links of interest:…