Empire Business – 2019 Video Strategy

Welcome back to the Empire Business, a podcast series designed to give you a more transparent look into the day to day decisions and inner workings of Bald Move, exclusively for our club members.  This installment talks about our strategy for building a video audience to compliment our existing podcast one, how we’ll be using Twitch and Youtube in the future to successfully implement that strategy, and what this means for you, as a Club member. 


Breaking News RE: the Club!

Hey everybody. We have had to temporarily take down the ability to sign up new Club members because shady bags of crap were using our system to automatically test tens of thousands of stolen credit cards. This does not affect any Club member, your account wasn’t compromised, and none of your card information was stolen,…

Bald Move Premium

Bald Move TV – 50 Million Download Q&A

To celebrate our recent passing the big 50 millionth podcast downloaded milestone, we take to the mics to answer all the burningest questions our loyal listeners have for us. Our past, Bald Move’s future, our opinions on everything, who we’d cast in movies about ourselves. Thanks to everyone who’s ever downloaded a pod and for…


LWJ&A – 6/7/2019

Just your standard early summer Lunch, ya’ll! If you want to see the Face Rig shenanigans we got up to in the original 07/31/2015 Lunch (which is a great early lunch, btw), click here to go straight to the right timestamp!