LWJ&A – 3/24/2017

The smell of burritos fills the air of the Bald Move studio Monday through Friday.  Last week, it also filled 16-Bit Barcade for our meetup.


LWJ&A – 3/17/2017

It’s St. Patrick’s day so we talk about anything but that, of course. Weekly updates, Ultimate Beastmaster, and your questions.

Life is Strange – Episode 5 – The Raisin Principal

The grande finale is upon us… for the second time.  Join us as we semi-wonder at all of the things we’ve seen once before.  Will it turn out exactly the same as the garbled mess of a video that we were unable to release the first time we recorded it?  Will Mr. Wells’ career and body die on the vine and wither away to nothing?  Only this episode will tell.