LWJ&A – 12/13/2019

Jim and A.Ron share Christmas Surprises; A.Ron shows off his Christmas albums; favorite Christmas songs; who would Arnold play better at Christmas; tips for working from home; whiskey gift recommendations (such as Loup Garou Alchemy); video games + fitness; choosing which streaming services to keep; check in on A.Ron’s shame reading of Warhammer 40k; podcasting advice; mic-drop moments; podcast names they’re proud of; Outlander coverage; what are the kids doing with our household products; the latest upset in the UK; favorite Christmas treats; picking the right pet; finally, how to properly way gingerbread men.

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Mailbag – November 2019

People send us cool stuff all the time, and we wanted to give thanks and show off said cool stuff. How do? A mailbag video!

This month: Human Action by Ludwig von Mises sent to us by, Funko POP! Wicket W. Warrick sent to us by Alexis, Pickle Rick pipe and 24k rolling papers courtesy of That High Couple, Florence + the Machine tea towels provided to us by OpusWho, BroBasket whiskey sampler provided by Dyecast, and finally, watched provided by Timex.


LWJ&A – 11/22/19

Jim and A.Ron discuss the Cybertruck; they discuss the Walker Stalker Con situation; Watchmen viewership/coverage vs. Leftovers viewership/coverage; will Bald Move officiate a wedding; stupid cat stories; are you buying what Kanye is selling; holiday Mario Twitch streams; how to enjoy Mr. Rogers if you are new to it; Groundhog Day plans; snow sports; download updates; Better Call Saul announces a 5th season; Thanksgiving sides that are a must have; leftover T-Day creations; weird food craving combinations; earliest memories; unique parenting techniques; finally, the Google Stadia.