LWJ&A – Episode 282 – The Wizard

Lunchtime! This week we talk about more financial stuff including the Gamestop congressional hearings, Jim’s recent experience trading options, and blockchain sports highlight investing. We also discuss our nostalgia for the giant Nintendo ad that was “The Wizard” and how we had no idea that it was an ad as children. Finally we answer a bunch of listener questions.


LWJ&A – Episode 277 – You Get What You Get

Our first lunch of 2021 starts off with a discussion of what we got up to during our time off and some of the gifts we got for Christmas. Then I go all in on a new NAS, we talk about watch parties, A.Ron eviscerates Chrysler with a scathing rant, we talk fantasy books and our reading habits, and more. And during the whole lunch, we manage to only talk a little about what went down in our Capitol two days ago.

Watch Party - Christmas Watch Party and live Secret Santa ROUND 2 @ 8pm EST

Want to watch some TV and movies with Jim and A.Ron? A Twitch Watch Party is where we can watch a selection of Amazon Prime Video media along with our audience! It’s a lot like previous LiveWatches we’ve done before, except you don’t have to be Club Member to participate, and you don’t have to do a complicated syncing process with our commentary and the video. It’s all done automatically.