Better Cast Saul – 403 – Something Beautiful

We continue to be pleased at the pace Better Call Saul is maintaining in the early stretches of season 4. Checkov’s letter? Bam! Here it is. Waiting to see how long it will take for the other shoe to drop on Nacho’s flip by Gus? Blam! Blam! You got it. There’s also some suggestion of how Jimmy eventually becomes an important underworld connector in the Breaking Bad timeline, if you know how to connect the dots. Plus, we get a pair of nifty back-alley surgery/thievery sequences. All this and tons of feedback, coming your way!

Better Cast Saul – 402 – Breathe

AMC’s Better Call Saul delivers the goods in another tense episode, reminding us to “Breathe”. Between Gus’s high stakes plot to squeeze the Salamanca gang by taking ownership of Nacho to Kim’s blistering of Howard in his own firm over his callous treatment of Jimmy, this episode had plenty of fireworks. Speaking of Jimmy, the real mystery that is driving a lot of the intrigue this season is the man himself. What’s going on with him? Why is he going through the motions with Kim? Why can’t he get out of his own ways? Is the ghost of Chuck still haunting him, or are there deeper problems going on in his mental machinery? We ponder all this and more with the help of plenty of fan feedback!

Better Cast Saul – 401 – Smoke

Welcome back to Better Call Saul! We take a look at the latest episode, “Smoke”, where Jimmy spends the majority of the episode wallowing in pathos after discovering his brother has burned himself alive before taking a wrong turn in Albuquerque towards emotionally inappropriate whistling and fish feeding. What gives, Jimmy? Meanwhile Nacho fails to cleanly disengage from his Salamanca sabotage, and Mike gives Madrigal a surprise security audit. All this plus tons of great feedback from our fellow fans!