Better Cast Saul – 207 – Inflatable

Episode 207 of AMC’s Better Call Saul, “Inflatable”, was the best of Jimmy, and the worst of Jimmy. While his colorful sabotage of the corporate, buttoned down Davis and Main firm was entertaining, and the sabotage/montage a masterful edit by Insider Podcaster Kelley Dixon, it was at the expense of some genuinely good people. And while it’s wonderful that Mike can provide a comfortable and safe lifestyle for his daughter and law and granddaughter, we know it eventually sets up a situation which forces the doting Mike to abandon them both. Lots of mixed and poignant feelings in this one. Plus, we get lots of feedback as people put on their theory hats and give us their best shots.

Better Cast Saul – 206 – Bali Ha’i

It’s episode 206 of Better Call Saul, “Bali Ha’i”, and the cameos keep coming. When will Jim’s hands start shaking worse than Mike after bouncing two wannabee tough guys out of his hacienda? We discuss the various deals, scams, and schemes that make up the bulk of this episode, undertake the complex task of figuring out what the chameleon Howard is all about, wonder what’s next for Mike, and worry about the future of Kim’s career. Is the S&C offer genuine, or an Akbar-esque trap. Lots more Star Wars analogies, feedback, and even Law Talk on offer this podcast.

Better Cast Saul – 205 – Rebecca

Welcome to our coverage of Better Call Saul’s episode 205, “Rebecca”, in which we find some new revelations about Chuck and Jimmy’s past, as well as some very dangerous future entanglements for Mike. We come at the episode with two distinct POV’s; Jim is pro-Chuck, while I’m broadly anti-Chuck, and as a result, we have very different interpretations for a lot of the character conflicts in this episode. Which side do you come down on? Who is right, who is wrong, or are the answers going to be more shades of grey?

Better Cast Saul – 204 – Gloves Off

Jim and A.Ron are loving the latest episode of Better Call Saul, number 204, “Gloves Off”. Lots of great background and historical details to give our Breaking Bad side the warm fuzzies, and lots of present day action and character intrigue to satisfy our inner Sauls. We discuss our increasingly nuanced positions on Chuck and Jimmy as characters, what a raw deal Kim got, the cool background details we got on the enigmatic Mike, plow through tons of feedback, and more Law Talk!

Better Cast Saul – 203 – Amarillo

Welcome to this week’s podcast covering episode 203 of Better Call Saul, “Amarillo”. In it, we discuss solid gold armadillos, the ethics of solicitation, the mental state of one Stacie Ehrmantraut, possible ways the Nacho/Mike plot line can connect to Saul and even Gus, and ponder Jimmy’s recklessness and a possibly upcoming Canary Trap strategy to take down Sand Piper. All this, tons of feedback, and a segment of Law Talk with legal analysis from our bullpen of putative lawyers. Enjoy!