Following The Leftovers – 207 – A Most Powerful Adversary

Another Sunday, another mind blowing episode of television, as The Leftovers introduces “A Most Powerful Adversary”. We talk about the journey Kevin embarks upon this episode, how we feel about Nora’s abandonment and Jill’s return to last season’s form, Inferno connections, and much more. All this and a ton of feedback… the wait for Sunday is going to be painful

Breaking Good – 207 – Negro y Azul

Jim and A.Ron break down another great episode of Breaking Bad, episode 207, “Negro y Azul”. We discuss narcocorrido music, how many theories were spawned by the “Ballad of Heisenberg”, the nature of Jane and Jesse, and Skyler and Ted’s relationship, and explore the concept of Hank’s panic attacks being a hidden strength instead of an obvious weakness. All this, plus lots of questioning Pinkman fashion, lots of fan feedback, and a robust spoiler section. Enjoy!

The Palm Court – A Spitting Mad Weasel

Kelly & Tom are completely Crabbestruck in their recap of Mr. Selfridge S2E7. They also get paid by the Oliver! reference, confirm that Beatrice sees all, cheer Agnes’ excellent relationship skills, hope for the return of that stick-poking kid, get completely squicked out by Mr. Grove’s urges, declare The Plunkett to be Edwardian tech support, and are…