Game of Thrones – 205 – The Ghost of Harrenhal

Jim and A.Ron re-watched Game of Thrones episode “The Ghost of Harrenhal”, break it’s neck, and throw it off a parapet.  Just kidding, but we do bite into it like Jaqen into an apple.  We discuss tortured metaphors, Brienne’s rushing into commitments, Stannis’ reluctance to face The Truth, and Arya’s fun and exciting new friends at Harrenhal.  All this and a bunch of interesting feedback, and a lore and history packed SpoiLore section!  

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen – 205 – Kinbaku

“Kinbaku” is the Japanese art of decorative rope bondage, but Jim and A.Ron are wondering what other “tight binds” this episode has Matt getting into. A dangerous former flame re-enters his life just as things get hot between Matt and Karen, Foggy is back to being Foggy, as a extended flashback gives a glimpse into the high speed train wreck that is Elektra Natchios and Matt Murdock, as she seems hellbent on another violent affair.

Better Cast Saul – 205 – Rebecca

Welcome to our coverage of Better Call Saul’s episode 205, “Rebecca”, in which we find some new revelations about Chuck and Jimmy’s past, as well as some very dangerous future entanglements for Mike. We come at the episode with two distinct POV’s; Jim is pro-Chuck, while I’m broadly anti-Chuck, and as a result, we have very different interpretations for a lot of the character conflicts in this episode. Which side do you come down on? Who is right, who is wrong, or are the answers going to be more shades of grey?

Fargo – 205 – The Gift of the Magi

Fargo episode 205, “Gift of the Magi”, was a real deal… Both sides of the Gerhardt and KC war take grievous losses, tensions between Bear and Dodd threaten to boil over, Hanzee’s loyalties are tested, Peggy has an apparent change of heart, but alas, it’s too late; Ed has killed another fella, maybe two! We discuss all the happenings and theories going down this episode, with assists from our fellow fans.

Following The Leftovers – 205 – “No Room at the Inn”

Jim and A.Ron are once again blown away by an episode of The Leftovers, “No Room at the Inn”. Such a contradiction contained in one man, Matt Jamison; the strength, power, self-sacrifice and courage of his convictions, who lovingly and painstakingly cares for his comatose wife, who also is capable of lashing out at complete strangers and… raping his comatose wife?! A lot of dark possibilities in this story line that is nevertheless touching and even heartbreaking at turns.

The World We Deserve

The World We Deserve – 205 – Other Lives

True Detective pushes the reset button on our group of investigators in this week’s episode, “Other Lives”. We discuss our increasing dissatisfaction with the way this season is going, eulogize Detective Dixon as a man who smelled of bourbon and farts, discuss the things we like about Frank and Jordan, the inexplicable appeal of Ray,…