Breaking Good – 204 – Down

This is a downer of an episode, for sure. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is being an a-hole to everyone else. Some for understandable, legitimate episodes, some for less clear reasons. Jim and A.Ron, leading experts at a-hole-ism, break it down for you as they discuss Walt’s obvious, desperate breakfasts, Skyler’s gamesmanship, Walt Jr’s Flynn’s rebellion, and Jesse bluing himself. All this, your feedback, AND a robust, over-sized spoiler section!

The Palm Court – Can I Bring My Own Dance Belt?

Kelly & Tom deliver yet another AP English-heavy recap for Mr. Selfridge S2E4.  They declare Rose to be the Columbus, OH of people, demand more screentime for Lurch, speculate about Beatrice’s claim to immortality, find themselves fascinated by the Horny Chocolatier, identify French slut-shaming as the glue that held the British Empire together, wonder why New Gordon…