Game of Thrones – 203 – What is Dead May Never Die

Jim and A.Ron continue their re-watch campaign of HBO’s Game of Thrones with “What is Dead May Never Die”.  There is some really strong stuff in here; Tyrion’s canary trap for the Small Council, the heroic and badass last stand of Yoren, the introduction of two fantastic new characters in the forms of Brienne of Tarth and Margary Tyrell.  But there is also some less fun stuff; like anything to do with Shae. But all in all a great episode despite not featuring Dany or Robb.  All this discussion, plus a healthy heaping of feedback ahead!

Mr. Robot – 203 – eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksd

A.Ron and Jim explore the virtual space of Mr. Robot’s episode 203, “k3rnel-pan1c.ksd”, and find a lot of things popping and crackling (Elliot, Ray), and others fizzling a bit (Master of the Universe Price, namely). We discuss ARGs, the finer points of error handling, and lots of easter eggs and theories before considering quite a bit of arguments from our fellow fans.

What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen – 203 – New York’s Finest

Third episode, third Punisher vs. Daredevil battle, can Matt keep up this pace? Can the show? We discuss all that is episode 203, “New York’s Finest”, from Matt and Frank’s dueling psych evaluations, Foggy’s flop at the hospital, Karen’s writer-assisted domination at the DA’s office, and debate superhero morality before kicking it to the listeners to discuss feedback

Better Cast Saul – 203 – Amarillo

Welcome to this week’s podcast covering episode 203 of Better Call Saul, “Amarillo”. In it, we discuss solid gold armadillos, the ethics of solicitation, the mental state of one Stacie Ehrmantraut, possible ways the Nacho/Mike plot line can connect to Saul and even Gus, and ponder Jimmy’s recklessness and a possibly upcoming Canary Trap strategy to take down Sand Piper. All this, tons of feedback, and a segment of Law Talk with legal analysis from our bullpen of putative lawyers. Enjoy!

Following The Leftovers – 203 – Off Ramp

Who was ready for a solid hour of Laurie Garvey and her dopey son Tommy before around 9:12pm Sunday night? We certainly weren’t. But wouldn’t you know, The Leftovers found a way to make these two hard to love characters who we didn’t feel particularly invested in almost instantly compelling. We discuss the insight the episode has into ex-cult relationships, Meg’s new found power in the Guilty Remnant, and discuss the Tommy/Lil’ Wayne situation. Is he for real? If he’s not, does he think he is? Will it matter? All this plus we get a truly shocking and revolting reveal into the dark heart of humanity straight from a fellow listener in the feedback section. Can’t wait for next week! See you then…