Better Cast Saul – 105 – Alpine Shepherd Boy

Another great episode of Better Call Saul, number 105, “Jello”, er, I mean “Alpine Shepherd Boy”!  We discuss filthy toilets, life questioning pedicures, the ethics of committing crazy loved ones, the joys of just watching Jonathan Banks, and much more.  All this, including tons of feedback (this week is at least 33% lawyers), ready to bust down your door and tase you into submission.

Breaking Good – 105 – Gray Matter

We’re five episodes into our season one re-watch of Breaking Bad, episode 105 “Gray Matter”. We juxtapose Walt at his most sympathetic as he explains his choice to refuse treatment for his cancer during the powerhouse “Family Meeting” scene, and yet we also see him seemingly throw away his chance to be treated and secure his family’s financial future to preserve his pride. How to reconcile Walt the every man with Walt the egomaniac? Join us as we discuss this and much more, including lots of quality feedback and a spoiler section where we ponder why the Villigan decided to play certain cards so close to his chest that we never actually got to see them on screen.