American Horror Story Podcast – 601 – Chapter 1

A.Ron and Cecily take a peek at the super-mysterious season six of FX’s American Horror Story, which turns out to take the form of “My Roanoke Nightmare”. We break down all of the Juicy goodness on hand, give valuable life advice on how to survive car accidents and hot tub death traps, and discuss fair market value of real estate before considering lots our fellow fan’s observations and insights. How long can the show push it’s weird show within a show format? Stay tuned, and find out.

American Horror Story Podcast – 511 – “Battle Royale”

A.Ron and Cecily take in the penultimate episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, and it’s pretty good! Sure, there are some muddy character beats, and daffy concepts of glampire physiology, but that ain’t anything new. On the other hand, we got Iris building Donnovan sand castles in the sky, Liz drawwwwingggg out allllll of thing thiiiiings, Ramona chewing on the scenery and our favorite voodoo priestess, Queenie, and much more. All this, some stellar feedback, and an epic Ode to the Countess! See you next week for the finale!

American Horror Story Podcast – 510 – She Gets Revenge

You guys! LIZ AND IRIS 2016!! Cecily and A.Ron really had a lot of fun with the latest episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, “She Gets Revenge”. We ponder the afterlife of glampires, our irrational love of “HOTLINEBLING”, the perils of bringing a sword to a gun fight, heartwarming reunions that will probably sour after the break, and tons of email including more background info from our undercover Hollywood informant “Deep Throat” before we wish ya’ll a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2016!

American Horror Story Podcast – 509 – “She Wants Revenge”

Cecily and A.Ron chart the increasingly unstable Countess’s plot for vengeance against all and sundry in this week’s American Horror Story, “She Wants Revenge”. We discuss Liz’s flow-warrrssss, Donnovan’s double (triple?) crosses, and the return of the un-vaccinated glampire children. All this plus a bit o’ the old feedbag, and we’ll see you next week for “She Gets Revenge”.

American Horror Story Podcast – 508 – “The Ten Commandments Killer”

A.Ron and Cecily unpack the shocking revelation from this week’s American Horror Story: Hotel, “The Ten Commandments Killer”; Cecily doesn’t actually know the Ten Commandments! All kidding aside, other than the fact that we’ve seen this revelation coming, it was a perfectly fine episode of American Horror Story. Although I guess it does kind of re-contextualize Sally. And the “adultery” couple switching hotels kinda came out of no where. Never fear, we’re not above resorting to multi-verse theory to explain away any troublesome retconning or rewriting Murphy has to do to bring this beast on final approach and landing. All that, our ongoing love fest for Dennis O’Hare, and a pretty healthy mailbag, and lots of opinionated opinions coming your way!

American Horror Story Podcast – 507 – “Flicker”

We’re back with another full recap of American Horror Story episode 507, “Flicker”. We finally find out what’s on JPM’s forbidden floor, how Gaga found herself as a glampire, and delve deeper into the mystery of John’s relationship to the Ten Commandments Killer. All this and a solid feedback mailbag. I’d say we’ll see you next week, but I’d be lying, as AHS is taking the week of Thanksgiving off, and so are we. We’ll see you back two weeks from now!

American Horror Story Podcast – 506 – “Room 33”

Happy Friday the 13th / Double White Russian day! A.Ron and Cecily are here to talk about the latest episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, “Room 33”. We were treated to a delightful if non-sequitur love affair between Liz and Tristan, more Alex being Alex, John being John, Gaga kind of being awful, Iris being a weapons akimbo badass, and poor Scarlet once again being the neglected afterthought. Oh, and Gaga has a baby glampire, which isn’t as glamorous as one would think. All this plus a bit of the ol’ mailbag, and we’ll see you back next week to hopefully figure out who the police have wrongfully connected to the TCK murders!

American Horror Story Podcast – 505 – “Room Service”

A.Ron and Cecily dive into the latest episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, “Room Service”, in which we get a lot of terrible Alex, a sermon on the dangers of not vaccinating our children, some fabulous Liz Taylor Russell Edgington, and what is perhaps the finest comeuppance in television history when Iris finally snaps on some loathsome human garbage. Plus, John discovers reporting a campy Halloween cult is the quickest way to get fired as LAPD, and there’s a pack of pre-teen glampires prowling the streets of LA. That can’t be good. All this, your feedback, and plenty of host on host snark.