Watch Party – Christmas Watch Party and live Secret Santa ROUND 2 @ 8pm EST

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Want to watch some TV and movies with Jim and A.Ron? A Twitch Watch Party is where we can watch a selection of Amazon Prime Video media along with our audience! It’s a lot like previous LiveWatches we’ve done before, except you don’t have to be Club Member to participate, and you don’t have to do a complicated syncing process with our commentary and the video. It’s all done automatically.

To join the party, you’ll need a free Twitch account, an Amazon Prime account, and you’ll need to link them together. If you’re not a Prime member, you can try Amazon Prime for 30 days, free!

One you have your Twitch and Prime accounts linked, grab a drink, you’re favorite snack, and head over to our channel at and get ready to start watching!

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