The Lorehounds: The Last of Us – The Rings of Power – S01E07 – The Eye

John was joined by Aron from Bald Move to discuss the whereabouts of Celeborn, the words of Meteor Man, and production updates on Season 2. John received the last audio diary from David before he returns for the season finale next week. Then, Craig from the Legendarium Podcast and John discussed their thoughts on the Silmarillion, Silmaril Trees, and Uncle Benjen’s transformation into an Orc. Finally, Aron and John took on some listener feedback.

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Ch. 1: History of Tolkien’s writings and the rise of Númenor (Jul 18, 2022)

Ch. 2: History of film, tv, and radio adaptations and the fall of Númenor (Jul 25, 2022)

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Epilogue: Listener Q&A – email us and/or post in the discord (Aug 29, 2022)