The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - Star Wars: The Bad Batch – S02E01-E05

David and John discuss the first five episodes of Season 2 of the Disney+ animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. They admire how Star Wars animation has evolved since The Clone Wars both in writing and production value. Then, they announce their upcoming coverage of the Star Wars franchise before breaking down the sophomore season of this surprisingly charming spin-off.

The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - S01E01 – When You’re Lost in the Darkness

David and John enter the bleak world of The Last of Us, the latest hit from HBO. After praising the quality of the first episode, David delivers a brief overview of fungi in the real world and the possibility of human infection. Then, David and John recap the heartbreaking twists and turns of this supersized premiere that takes us through the collapse of a civilization.