Blue Yonder

Desert Island Movies – Episode 39

It’s a goddamn epidemic!  Another airline catastrophe, another cast mate crashed on a desert island.  This time it’s A.Ron’s turn, and he brings a twist to the top seven list as he considers what movies he’d like to while away the time with during his exile.  And if you’re thinking Star Wars makes the cut, you’re going to need to think again.

Blue Yonder

Desert Island TV – Episode 37

Oh no!  Jim is stranded on the island and his only hope to preserve his sanity are the 7 television series dvd sets that he happened to have with him.  Good thing they’re some of his favorites!  Check out the Jim Jones solo cast.


Bonanza – Episode 8

Fuck the new format! To make up for the five day delay, episode eight is the longest episode ever. We cover a couple of listener-suggested topics including our top 7 favorite games and what we think would make the perfect game. We also talk about what we’ve been playing and answer some listener questions. [ratings]