Blue Yonder

Crossovers – Episode 23

This week on Blue Yonder, the guys lounge on the deck of the studios as they sip a fine, aged scotch, puff cigars and test the limits of shoddy audio quality podcasting. Ah yes, and they also speak of Crossovers. Movies to book, games to movies, books to morse code, and movies to sandwhiches, it’s all up for discussion. Also making a return this week is Would You Rather?

Blue Yonder

Geekdom – Episode 1

It’s the first episode of Blue Yonder and we’re already making other podcasts obsolete. We start off with some basic introductions and move quickly into a discussion about Geekdom, what it means, how it’s changed and a lot more. And hold on to your butts cause everyone’s favorite segment, Would You Rather, is back and it’s an especially good one!


Jim Jones & The Burning Crusade – Episode 7

In episode seven of PowerPlay, Peter talks about the new WoW expansion and his launch experience. The guys announce an improvised top 7 but get sidetracked and never come back to it. They talk about what they’re playing and finish things off with another edition of Would You Rather? This is the first episode to…