The Rings of Power - S01E01 & E02 – A Shadow of the Past & Adrift – Feedback

We’re back to hear what you thought about the first two episodes of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, as well as whatever other feedback you have hidden under your barn flooring. Join us for the feedback podcast and stick around for the second half to hear the lore corner where David and John of The Lorehounds join us for deeper answers to select questions.

The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - The Rings of Power – S01E01 & E02 – Shadow of the Past & Adrift

David and John explore the history of the Trees of Valinor seen in the prologue to S01E01 of The Rings of Power. The Lorehounds then do a deep dive into the life of Finrod, Galadriel’s brother and her primary motivation in the show. And what in Middle-earth did Meteor Man say to Nori? The guys have some ideas.

The Rings of Power - S01E02 – Adrift

The depth of Tolkien’s colorful world continues to glow on the screen. We hear fully developed languages, get hints at the evil lurking in the shadows, and see the shining glory of Khazad-dum pre-Balrog rampage. The Bezos Bucks are paying off as sets, costumes, and effects dazzle. It seemed that HOTD and TROP would inevitably go head to head, and so far each is holding their ground.

The Rings of Power - S01E01 – A Shadow of the Past

A.Rondir and Jimafell are joining the fray against the spreading darkness of the Second Age. With gorgeous shots of a younger Middle-Earth and lore up to your eyeballs, we are pleased with this half a billion dollar show. Evil encroaches, romance blooms, and did we mention this show is beautiful?! Are you gonna be a rock and miss out, or are you going to be a boat and watch this show with us?

The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - The Second Age – Epilogue: Feedback

David and John have finished their deep dive into the Second Age in preparation for Season 1 of the Rings of Power. Aron joins them to discuss recent news, answer listener feedback and to talk about what’s next for the Lorehounds. BONUS Segment: David interviews Librarian Emeritus Marilyn R. Pukkila about Tolkien’s fellowship with the TCBS.

The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - The Rings of Power – Bonus: New Trailer Reaction and YouTube FanFic Reviews

David and John share their thoughts live on the Bald Move Discord server about the brand new Rings of Power Trailer! Watch the trailer on YouTube here. After the break, David walks John through a set of YouTube FanFic adaptations within Tolkien’s universe. Don’t forget to join The Lorehounds for an Instant Talk at 11:15 PM ET on September 1 on the Bald Move Discord server right after the premiere of The Rings of Power!

The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - The Rings of Power – BONUS: Embracer Acquisition, Amazon Updates, and LOTR Appendices

David and John discuss today’s wild news that Embracer Group is acquiring the rights to the Lord of the Rings universe! We also give you the details you need to know from Amazon’s flood of Twitter promos that are packed with information. We close the podcast with a walkthrough of the LOTR Appendices: which ones you should read, and which you can skip.