The Podcast Maneuver - S02E09 – Hide and Seek

A.Ron is showing strong signs of Jurati-syndrome. And Picard is showing strong signs of “jumping the shark” syndrome. With the Borg rampage continuing and more battles being introduced into the show, Jim and ARon have a couple of useful suggestions. Who else wants to see these guys direct an episode of Picard? Though the show is a shadow of itself, we see a glimmer of hope for season three with the exciting cast announcement. But until then, we don’t have high hopes for how season two will end.
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The Podcast Maneuver - S02 E08 – Mercy – Feedback

“Highly illogical.”–Spock. OG Spock said it right.
Fans of Old Trek admired the show for its unique personality, but now Star Trek and all of its spinoffs have gone the way of the blockbuster. With uninspired action set pieces, unnecessary character trauma, and nonsensical behavior of Star Fleet Officers, we’re really missing Classic Trek. The intellectual heritage got blown away by the lens flares. Let’s explore the universe, not have another CGI battle.
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The Podcast Maneuver - S02E08 – Mercy

If we’re going to enjoy Picard this late into the season, we need to stop thinking about it. Join us as we attempt to answer the pressing questions such as “Is Soji programmed to be stupid?” Seven takes it to an eleven and Jurati is sipping battery juice in an episode that goes off the rails.

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The Podcast Maneuver - S02E07 – Monsters

In this episode of Picard, Patrick Stewart does some of the best acting of the show accompanied by some of the worst scenes of the show. Ogres and onions aren’t the only things that have layers anymore, join us as we try to track a couple different plot lines through multiple layers of nonsense. It’ll have you asking important questions such as, is Q a sociopath or party animal? Is Borg-Jurati getting a high off of smashing windows? If you love Star Trek, maybe this isn’t the episode for you, but if you like absurd comedy, this is right up your alley. Maybe there’s too much snakeleaf going around.

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The Podcast Maneuver - S02E06 – Two of One

Okay, okay, the liquid in the vial is blue! A.Ron concedes. And acknowledges he might be colorblind.
Do you want to emit EMPs from your cells and then put on a cover concert of 20th century rock and roll? Yes? Well, then you may want to look into getting borg-ified like Agnes Jurati. Join Jim and A.Ron as they tackle an episode that ranges from impromptu concerts to the aftermath of domestic abuse, a topic very personal to Patrick Stewart’s own childhood. 

The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

We’ve seen The Matrix Resurrections and the only thing we want to say is “not bad”. Seriously, we don’t want to spoil anything for you and there’s a lot going on in this movie. You might want to see it again or, like Jim, you might want to see another sequel before you make up your mind about this one, but at the very least it’s more enjoyable than either of the previous Matrix sequels. Join us for the spoiler-free podcast and trailer talk and then, only if you’re a club member, stick around for the full spoiler review.