The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - Kaleidoscope – Yellow

David and John begin their coverage of the Netflix Original Series, Kaleidoscope, beginning with the episode Yellow. They explain how they will be covering this experimental show which allows viewers to watch the episodes in any order. Then, they do a scene-by-scene breakdown of the episode titled “Yellow,” which takes place six weeks before the heist.

The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - Silmarillion Stories – E02 – Valaquenta

David and John discuss the Valaquenta, Tolkien’s introduction to the pantheon of divine entities that rule his world. After a quick breakdown of which characters to pay attention to, David and John are joined by Tolkien Scholar Marilyn R. Pukkila to discuss the themes of this passage and the Silmarillion as a whole. Finally, they answer listener feedback.

The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - Second Breakfast #2 – “Hot takes on your hotcakes”

David and John bring their Patreon-exclusive monthly podcast “Second Breakfast” to the public as a Christmas present. They talk about pancakes, parenting, tabletop games, Clone Wars, and more before answering listener feedback. Then, David and John each rank their Top Ten shows of 2022. If you’d like to join us for next month’s Second Breakfast, head to our Patreon linked below.

The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - The White Lotus – Season 2 Wrap-up

David and John pack their bags to leave Sicily while giving final thoughts on another fantastic season of The White Lotus. They discuss Mike White’s character-driven writing, the idea of subverting expectations in modern television, and where we might be traveling to in Season 3. Finally, David and John take on one more round of listener feedback.

The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - MCUniverse – E01 – Black Panther into Phase 5

David and Jean introduce their new podcast series, MCUniverse in which they dive deep into all things Marvel. They look at the end of Phase 4 which is marked by Black Panther: Wakanda Forever before discussing the future of the MCU in Phase 5. They pull from the decades of comic book lore to speculate on what’s coming next in the upcoming films and TV shows.

The Lorehounds: The Last of Us - The White Lotus – S02E07 – Arrivederci

David and John take one last trip to Sicily to discuss the Season Finale of The White Lotus. David gives some details on the active volcano Mount Etna featured in the episode before John goes through some of the clues that may or may not have led us to predict the outcome. After a full episode recap, David and John score their deadpool predictions and read listener feedback. Stay tuned next week for a Season Wrap-up podcast.