The Lorehounds - The White Lotus – S02E02- Italian Dream

David and John rent a Vespa and embark on an Italian Dream podcast. They discuss the career of White Lotus Showrunner Mike White and bring in more Greek mythology before recapping the misadventures of each set of guests. Is Albie really a nice guy? Does Ethan understand boundaries? And who is Greg on the phone with? Finally, David and John check in with the deadpool and answer listener feedback.

The Lorehounds - The White Lotus – S02E01 – Ciao

David and John take a trip to Sicily with the new cast of characters in The White Lotus Season 2. They discuss production details and a theory based on Greek mythology before doing a full recap of Season 2, Episode 1: Ciao. Why did Daphne and Cameron invite their friends on an extravagant trip? Are three generations of Sicilian-Americans a good plot framing device? Will John ever perfect his Jennifer Coolidge impression? Find out this and more in the episode.