Bald Move Pulp - Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Jim and A.Ron have explored the latest Black Mirror mindf$#%, Bandersnatch. Essentially a choose your own adventure book turned into an interactive Netflix app, Bandersnatch periodically pauses to ask you how the narrative should proceed as you attempt to guide a troubled young 1980’s programmer on the cusp of creating an acclaimed video game of the same name. With branching parallel storylines that can have outcomes that can be mundane, psychotic, or extremely meta, we ask if this is the future of television? We stay spoiler-free for a good portion of the beginning of this podcast, so if you’re curious if it’s worth your time feel free to listen up to the spoiler segment!

Bald Move Pulp - Black Mirror Season 4

Welcome to our coverage of Black Mirror, where you’ll never know whether you’ll have a heart wrenching or heart warming experience, but it will definitely revolve around the implications of technology and culture.  From Star Trek simulations, ultimate dating apps, and murderous robotic dogs, this season hits some amazing  highs, but for the first time also hits some fairly deep lows.  Or maybe what’s most amazing is how the show remains fresh and original four years into it’s creative process?  All I know is there are few things Jim and I like discussing more than futurology.  Enjoy!

Bald Move Pulp - Black Mirror – Season 1

Special thanks to Kristen, who commissioned the first season of the BBC’s trippy futuristic social horror anthology, “Black Mirror”, for her husband Chris. Merry Christmas, Chris!  We had a great time watching and an even greater time bantering about the crazy situations depicted on the Mirror. From pig porking to winning an argument with your loved one that you might rather lose, we try to tackle it all. Thanks again Kristen and Chris!