710 – Charles (Manson) in Charge

We’ve seen the latest from FX’s American Horror Story: Cult, “Charles (Manson) in Charge”, and it turns out that it’s all the women’s fault!  We should have known it the whole time!  A.Ron and Cecily try to figure out where Murphy is going as he crosses the double yellow and veers into oncoming traffic a final time before next week where maybe things will make sense!

710 – New Best Friends

Jim and A.Ron slog through a mess of a Star Trek: The Next Generation inspired episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, as Rick negotiates a complicated treaty with the Romulan sub-commander of a garbage world. There’s some good stuff too; some emotional punch with Daryl and Carol, some nuanced Morgalizing from Morgan, and a “have to see it to believe it” Mad Max / Lord of the Rings inspired zombie pit fight sequence. Maybe that’s how TWD is going to roll going forward, pilfering from better sci-fi/fantasty tales? If so, I’m really looking forward to Battle of the Blackwater, or ooh, maybe the Red Weddding episodes!

710 – “The Forecast”

This edition of the Happy Hour looks at the episode “The Forecast”, which is number 710 of AMC’s Mad Men… In which we discuss Don and Betty in a race for creepiest teenage predator, ponder the future, ask if the emptiness is a problem, watch the one man 70’s fashion show that is Joan’s hot date Richard, and watch Mathis flame out of advertising in the most spectacular and entertaining way possible. We typically get stellar emails for Mad Men, but this mail bag might be historically great, as our fellow watchers really do some good work on Don and Dianne analysis, and get pop-psych over the Peter Pan Syndrome. See you next week!

710 – “Thank You”

This week we review the series finale episode 710 of HBO’s True Blood entitled, “Thank You”.  It was perhaps the worst finale of television I have ever seen.  If you care to listen to 50+ minutes of several True Blood fans venting their spleens about it, feel free to do so.  Otherwise, enjoy the GIF of Eric…