106 – The Good Man

Jim and A.Ron have a lot of thoughts about the final episode and first season of “Fear the Walking Dead” as a whole. Is episode 106, “The Good Man”, in fact, “A Good Episode?” Not really. We delve into the numerous problems of Handsome Soldier, Liza’s choice, hell even Tuxedo Man’s sheer coolness can’t spare him from our savage take on the series. It’s like we unleash 2000 walkers onto the writer’s room of Fear the Walking Dead. The air evac squad comes mid-way through podcast to bail them out, but then sees the mailbag, and nopes out of there. Abandon all hope, ye who listen.

106 – Haunted Houses

In this episode of 106 of HBO’s True Detective series, “Haunted Houses”, Maggie gets dirty, Rust goes off the reservation, and Marty throws down. Support Bald Move:  Amazon  |  Club Bald Move Supporting evidence for Smelling the Psychosphere The Lawnmower Man vs the Green Eared Spaghetti Monster Psyche hospital mural vs Marty’s Painting Jim’s Tuttle Cross…

106 – Crazy Hand Full of Nothin’

Jim and A.Ron arrive at arguably the high water mark of season one, in the impressive and exciting “Crazy Hand Full of Nothin'”. The birth of Heisenberg, the introduction of the menacing Tuco, Jesse and Walt’s relationship evolving, more questionable ethical and moral compromises, the stakes just continue to rise. Join us as we discuss explosive chemistry, gauge the “likability” of Walt, Skyler, and Hank, keep track of Jr’s Breakfastometer, and much more including your thoughts and comments as well as a healthy spoiler section safely ensconced behind our outro music.