Bald Move Pulp – LOST (2004)

Special thanks to Casey, Shayne Bowman, Elisa from LA, Michelle, Frakkin T and his sister Tara C, Rachel from Brooklyn, Scotland K, Rachel, and Medelliae for banding together and commissioning a podcast on the season 3 finale arc of ABC’s dawn of the golden age classic, “LOST”.  We reviewed “Greatest Hits”, and “Through the Looking Glass” parts 1 and 2 for the commission, but discuss our complex and varied histories with the show, our personal feelings towards the characters, and consider the strengths and weaknesses of the show overall.

Again, thanks to our merry band of commissioners, I hope you guys aren’t too bummed that the show’s greatness was LOST among a dirty Charlie-hater and a guy who can’t tell time travel backwards or forwards.  If you’d like to commission your very own podcast, you can do so in our shop!

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