Off the Clock – The Third Day, Greyhound, Lovecraft Country

This week we’re catching up on the latest two episodes of Lovecraft Country. This series just keeps getting better and the latest batch includes a real doozy of an episode. Squeamish viewers be warned!

Also, we’re covering the Tom Hanks / Apple TV+ nautical vehicle, Greyhound. Tom Hanks is a rookie captain of a naval destroyer tasked with escorting freighters loaded with men and supplies across the Atlantic. His wits and resolve will be tested when they are hunted by a wolfpack of 5 nazi u-boats over the course of their 5 day crossing.

Finally, there’s The Third Day, which is basically Jude Law’s attempt to make himself look unattractive by getting filthy and sweaty crawling around in the weeds on Wicker Man island. We’re covering the first two episodes of the six-episode, two(three?)-part series.


  • The Third Day (00:00:42)
  • Greyhound (00:12:55)
  • Lovecraft Country (00:24:27)

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