Off the Clock – Cowboy Bebop, Wheel of Time, 8-Bit Christmas, Hallmark Christmas Roundup, Culture Series, Patron Topics – Off the Clock

This time on Off the Clock we do a wrapup of Cowboy Bebop’s first and only season, talk about Wheel of Time and streaming service woes, decide whether 8-Bit Christmas is a new holiday classic and A.Ron does a Hallmark Christmas roundup. Then he talks a bit about Iain M. Banks’ “Culture” series before we finish off the episode with this month’s Patron topics.
  • Cowboy Bebop (00:01:09)
  • Wheel of Time (00:22:59)
  • 8-Bit Christmas (00:28:14)
  • Father Christmas is Back (00:45:41)
  • Robin Robin (00:52:32)
  • A Castle for Christmas (00:53:36)
  • The Culture Series (00:57:03)
  • Patron Topics (01:26:19)

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